Cannot edit existing Lightning components in patch org



Dear Community,
Any help for a newbie much appreciated.

Love the Cloud9 UI but,alas, unable as yet to use it successfully. In a patch org that I can edit via Eclipse or SF UI I get the following error when trying to save any changes to / synch Lightning components (e.g., .js or .cmp files):

“Undefined error
Managed Package Patch Modification Exception: a change was made to the patch release that will change the visible behaviour of the application: you can’t delete managed-released components in a patch release.”

I’m aware of the limits imposed by patch orgs - but I’m not trying to add a new component or delete an existing one. I could make the proposed change via Developer Console (but I much prefer your UI!)

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


Thanks for the post! I can honestly say I have not run into this. I would say @bradydowling should bring this to the c9 dev team for analysis.


Thanks for the report you two. I’ve logged this internally so we can have a look at it. I can’t give any sort of timeframe or ETA on when this might be addressed but I’ve included the link to this thread so we can update this whenever there’s any info.