Cannot create PHP object without server hang, possible memory issues



I was working on my project last night with 0 issues, however, this morning after loading it, I cannot access any page that creates a PHP object.

‘Static’ pages that simply display content load fine, but as soon as I try to create my object, the page hangs.

I managed to get a 502 response 1 time.

When stopping the project and checking the error log (/home/ubuntu/lib/apache2/log/error.log), I can see the following two ‘errors’:

zend_mm_heap corrupted


child pid ##### exit signal Segmentation fault (11)

For one of the objects in question, there is no constructor, so it doesn’t really do anything on create.
I have tried wrapping it in a try…catch, but it doesn’t catch anything.

I have (obviously) restarted the server numerous times.
I have updated the php.ini setting for output_buffer to no avail.

Anyone have ANY thoughts on this?

PS - I may have the wrong category on this since I am not sure if it is directly related to Cloud9, PHP or something else.


If you are reading this - ignore it, the fault was on the end of a 3rd party server, hence the 502


@danallan - apologies if this is the incorrect way to flag a post for deletion, but I couldn’t see anything in the FAQ.

Anyway - I posted this thinking it was something internal, turns out as remote API was offline and was causing the time out, so this was an issue unrelated to my code and/or the C9 environment, no need to have it cluttering up the forums. Thanks!