Cannot connect to workspace in school


Hey. I attend a school where I do a programming course and sometimes I like to try to do something for the CS50x course during my free time. On Tuesday I was able to connect and could access files and stuff. However, I can no longer access my files. I can open the website for the cs50 IDE fine, but any time I try to access my files through it it says it cannot reach my workspace. The only way I can access them is by going on my dashboard, going onto the workspace and clicking files. I would just like to know if there is anything I can do to solve this, as I know that sometimes schools and such block websites that they deem inappropriate. Thanks in advance.


It might help to contact the network admin of the school to unblock the and domains. It’s possible they have some sort of automatic blocker maybe.


Thanks for the response. I’ll ask them the next time I’m in if they can unblock it.