Cannot Click Checkbox To Set Application To Public



Hello, when I click “share” in the top right of my screen, under “Links to share” I am unable to click the checkbox to set the application url to public. It is grayed out and unclickable. This seems like a simple problem, but I am new to c9 and can’t find anything by searching.

Anyone know why I can’t click the checkbox or what I can do to set my application to public?



Could you, please, show a screenshot of the share dialog?


Hello! Thank you for your reply!

Here is a screenshot of what I see when I click “share”.


this is a bug in rendering of flat theme, which doesn’t show checkbox state for disabled checkboxes. When workspace is public application and preview are public as well.


Hmm… ok the reason I wanted to set my application to public in the first place is due to advice given on stack overflow:

I am experiencing an “access-control-allow-origin” warning? Can you help me with that? Thanks!


For which url do you get this error? if it is something from your app, you need to set that header


It was something from my app, but the api I was using did not support CORS. I found a new api to work with and the problem went away. Thank you so much for all of your help harutyun! I am up and running now!


Hi, I am experiencing the same issue with one of my workspaces. I am trying to use curl to send a POST request to my app, but get a “Cannot POST (API)” error.

The workspace is set to “Public” , and I am not using the Flat Theme (regarding the above comment), but my Share modal still looks like this:


Is there any way to enable this checkbox, so that I can set my application preview to public? Thanks!

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@mikalaranda your application preview and the workspace itself are public


Hi Harutyun,

Thanks for your reply! I do realize now that the “Cannot POST” issue was entirely independent of my workspace’s settings, and things are working now. Appreciate your help.

Best regards,