Cannot access my running application




I have a full stack MongoDB, NodeJS Express, Ionic Framework in my workspace.
The NodeJS Express server is configured to listen to port 8081 while the Ionic server is listening to port 8080.
When I run my NodeJS Express server, I encountered “ECONNRESET: Request could not be proxied!” error when I access it through Postman.
There is no error on my Express server.
I have searched around and found that I have to share my application in my workspace as public which I already did.
What am I missing here?


Just as an experiment, can you try switching the ports so that the express server is on 8080 and the Ionic server is on 8081?


Hi Danny,

I have tried switching the ports and even not start my Ionic serve.
It is still giving the same problem.


So, to clarify, even after switching and everything, port 8081 still showed ECONNRESET? Can you tell us the workspace here so we can check for any problems in the code or in your workspace?


Hi Danny,

Yes, even after switching and everything, I am still getting the ECONNRESET.
Here is the URL to my workspace application:


I have figured out the problem.
My NodeJS Express server has HTTPS enabled with a self-signed certificate which the Cloud9 proxy is unable to handle.
Switching over to use plain HTTP solves the issue.