Cannot access C9 due to CORS problems



iv started getting Cross-origin resource sharing errors when trying to access C9.
The problem started right after i tried to access the main site today. The browser seems to have 0 CSS data as they seem to be loaded using JS files. Since C9 is using cloudflare, the script happens upon a cloudflare captcha that it does not know how to use. When i go through the console and try to access an image or css file that gets the 403 error, i verify that im a human and it enables to use the resources. However i still get CORS errors for several files including fonts.
Currently i am unable to access any workspaces.The same error happens on all browsers so im starting to think that cloudflare is interfering.

serverity: service braking

CORS problem accessing for udemy MEAN course

Looks like cloudflare blocks your ip or browser for some reason. We have tried to disable that security check as much as possible now. Do you still see cors errors?


problem seems to be solved, thanks.