Cannot access account dashboard or workspaces


I don’t know exactly what happened. I’m a novice coder, that uses c9 to host my Minecraft personal server for use with friends. I’m just wondering why it says forbidden.

I also noticed that when I try to go to my dashboard, it says I’m still logged in (see 2nd screenshot, top right corner), but it makes me log in again.

I’m just frustrated that I can’t access my server hosting service. Keep in mind that this is my normal Wi-fi network I’m accessing from (it’s Charter), and therefore I need to be able to access from here.

Please try to fix this ASAP. Thanks.



See this thread about using Cloud9 for hosting.


It doesn’t actually host it, per se, only connects my computer to theirs. I also use my c9 to host bots for a site called PokemonShowdown, as you can probably see in SmeargleBot.