Cancelled my account today


I spent a week with AWS in the vague hopes it wasn’t as bad as I thought.

It is.

So I’ve cancelled my pro account and I’m going to setup my own IDE on my own domain based on Codiad and Orion che. I was happy for the Amazon buyout. I presumed (wrongfully) that they would respect the existing community, and more importantly enhance Cloud9 as a platform, and a source of easy online development.

They have not done so. Instead they are attempting to fold existing users into AWS, and the Cloud9 IDE has basically become a side-story.

Sorry Amazon, I was here to code, not waste my time on your hosting solutions, complicated pricing structures, annoying interface, and all round bad experience.

I expected better. More fool me.


Yes, same experience for me here. We would like to use the easy Cloud9 interface to start project with some students, but now I can’t find the educational version anymore.

Do you have another option which is realy easy for students and teachers?


+1. At first, I really liked the fact that they offer free SSH workspaces and you only pay for the EC2 services you use. By using one 2GB/2CPU EC2 instance running only half of the month, I could replicate my Cloud 9 environment for half the price.

I expected the normal lack of user friendliness that is AWS.

I did not expect them to remove key features such as file download. Also, the fact that the URL changes every time you fire up the environment is a little annoying when you are trying to sync with third party services.

How long can I keep my old Cloud 9 account?


+1 very happy at first with the possibility of more flexibility and integration with other AWS services; but lack of download option (which support has confirmed with me that it’s not on the roadmap to put it back!), much less intuitive execution of the code and all the c9 ready-made templates are gone, all you get is a pretty much blank machine without boost C++.
I’ve been trying to go AWS but at least for the moment I’m having to stay put at; seriously considering moving out to other options though, since AWS is not resolving my problems while is doomed for eventual inactivation or forced migration to AWS… :frowning:


I expected I’d have to find an alternative for learning Angular when I heard AWS had purchased c9. I’ve been OK with MS VS Code and React. The Ubuntu experience was interesting. My experience with AWS was horrible. I feel like they purchased c9 just to kill it. Its a shame these cloud service companies so greedy when there are so many in the opens source community giving back.


Same here… Deeply disappointed.
To be honest, C9 workspaces became too slow to be usable lately, so I was already considering other options.


Hi there,
The same for me. When I eard that Amazon bought Cloud9, I said shit!!!
I hate gafa, make all what I can to don’t use Microsoft products, was really happy with C9 team and open source solution…
Now I will stop my pro account, install C9 on my servers or change to another Web IDE.

Cloud 9 was an extraordinary Open Source solution with community behind, and Amazon is stricly the total opacity, the dark side. it’s the opposite of open source values !!!

But what I understand is that money can make change everyone so good luck to Cloud9 team for the future.

Last, I have a question… have you got alternative for me who AWS don’t have eyes on it ? to code PHP, HTML, CSS, js online? (like icecoder, codeanywhere, …)



Same for me too - I’ve just started the process of migrating my ~50 workspaces over to a dedicated server that (ironically?) uses the C9 open source IDE as I still love it. As @rcason mentioned, I’ve also found that cloud9 has been getting slower lately and focuses seem to have shifted.

I’m sorry to the C9 team and I understand the motivations for moving but AWS just does not give the same slick approach I’ve come to love. I’m been a massive supporter of since I first started using it but I can’t say the same for Amazon or AWS so you’ve lost another strong supporter.


We’re definitely looking into some of these issues on our side; the feedback is appreciated, as always.

Education pricing is handled through AWS Educate; I’d suggest reaching out to them to see what kinds of credits you can grant to your students:

IP addresses changing is an unfortunate consequence of the EC2 shutdown/restore process, but you can look at add an elastic IP address to your host to ensure it spins up with the same IP each time:

Downloads are back! This was an unexpected regression; we mentioned that we were removing it from the docs in the AWS forums because we want to ensure the docs are always as up-to-date as possible. We do offer templates through CodeStar; you can choose to spin up a CodeStar project directly as an AWS Cloud9 EC2 Environment. We’ll see if we can make this more prominent in the future.

Let us know what your concerns are on this? We’ll do our best to address them.

If you’re still having issues with this, mind sending any affected workspaces to so we can take a look?

The open-source version is fairly old at this point. I’d recommend using AWS Cloud9 SSH environments with your own servers instead so you can use the most up-to-date Cloud9 IDE you can. SSH environments are offered at no additional cost since you aren’t using any AWS resources, so if you’re not using any AWS resources, there shouldn’t be any cost, even after the AWS Free Tier expires.


Fairly old or insecure? It works very well for me and is therefore a case of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. If it’s insecure however, then I will move to a different IDE. Also, doesn’t it say something if I would rather use a fairly old version than Amazon? :frowning: codiad is calling…

“Shouldn’t”? That’s not exactly reassuring :wink: I know there are budget alarms with AWS but even so, it still doesn’t fix the issue that I don’t like AWS. I also don’t have access to the free tier has I have tried it previously and I am not a fan.

…Bryce… you know first hand how much I love(d) c9 and I am honestly gutted that AWS is being pushed as the solution. From my perspective, I can’t see why the interface can’t stay the same but be powered by Amazon. Presumably there are some completely understandable and justifiable reasons behind moving away from (and I understand if you can’t/don’t want to tell us) but I just don’t want to give my money to Amazon, when I can pay for a dedicated server that gives me my own resources with none of the limitations of c9’s current offerings and none of the annoyance and overly-complicated (for me at least) AWS interface.

I was more than happy to overlook the limitations (10gb space is the only one, if I’m being 100% honest) of the c9 workspaces because everything else worked SO well but now it feels like everything is a compromise and I’m not benefiting at all.

I am disappointed but ultimately I have to go with what works for me. AWS doesn’t.


This is mainly a technicality; since we can’t determine how users are using the service after creating environments, we can only say that SSH environments themselves are offered at no additional cost (for instance, if a user is running an SSH environment that uses a different EC2 host as a backend, they’ll be charged for the EC2 instance but the SSH environment itself has no additional costs).

I understand that you may be disappointed by the move, although we are always looking to improve the experience. If you are currently using SSH workspaces on (or want to try using it), AWS Cloud9 SSH environments should be a drop-in replacement; all you’d need to do is add a new SSH key. The IDE itself shouldn’t have changed significantly (if you’ve noticed anything particularly confusing, let us know!), although we are looking to streamline some of the changes (like user access), or improve our documentation on them based on user feedback. Everything helps, so keep the feedback coming :slight_smile:


You don’t understand, we won’t use AWS. I hate GAFA and do all what I can to don’t use them.


HOW? Can someone do a tutorial on how to do this? I fear there will come a turn off date for for the normal c9 and I will get screwed. Please someone make some tutorials on how to replicate the good c9 on AWS. This is an absolute Charlie Foxtrot.


I am really happy for C9, but the AWS environment is not working for me. It is so painful to get my teaching environment set up that I can’t imagine subjecting students to this experience nor supporting them on a daily basis. Is there someone I can email with to cancel my subscriptions.


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