Can workspaces connect to each other?



Lets say that I want to setup a workspace to be an oauth server, databse server, or something like that, then connect to it from one or more other workspaces. Normally I could just put all of these things in one workspace, but for convenience sake and not having to clone or shuffle updated data between workspaces it might be easier to just use a separate workspace for some sort of server.

Can workspaces connect to each other without going through the http proxy?

Should they be able to connect to each other through the http proxy the same as external hosts?

Or are they all host isolated somehow?


It is possible for them to connect to each other. They are not contained from the internet, so you can access a workspace from anywhere. Simply use the URL you would enter in a browser, and it will work. What I’ve done is just run it in a single workspace with all the different projects in their own subfolder, which works, but if you’d rather use separate ones, go right ahead.