Can we use sshfs to mount remote server directories?


Since the main support for mounting remote directories via SFTP was withdrawn this week I’m trying to use sshfs to do the similar thing. I’ve installed fuse-sshfs in my workspace but whatever I type relating to sshfs just returns the error “cannot POST”. Can anyone help?


I’m seeing this also. If this is the case and won’t be resolved then the entire platform is useless to me.


I got a reply from a support message and switched to an ssh workspace which was simple to setup and is better for my use case than an sftp mount anyway. If you only work with a remote VM then have a look at the remote ssh option when creating a workspace


i work with serveral remote servers in one workspace. the drop of sshfs is a no go.
a ssh workspace is not a solution for me.
please get back the sshfs support