Can I use Cloud9 for hosting?


It would be great if I could just put my app into production right from Cloud9 and it kind of looks like I can do that. Can I host my website on Cloud9?

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No. While Cloud9 will host your files, allow you to write code, run code, and debug it, we do not recommend using it as a hosting service. Cloud9 is a top notch development environment, but just that, a development environment. It was never meant to host websites or apps.

Allowed :thumbsup:

  • Using Cloud9 to develop an application / website and have it connect to whatever external services you need to make it work.
  • Sharing that site / application with your friends / coworkers for testing / feedback purposes.

Not Allowed :thumbsdown:

  • Sharing your site / application with the general public.
  • Hosting your production site on Cloud9
  • Hosting game servers (unless you are developing / modding this game and only running it for short periods of time for testing / feedback purposes)

If you wish to do anything in the Not Allowed list and still use Cloud9 as your IDE we recommend you buy a VPS from a provider such as AWS, GCE or Digital Ocean and run a SSH Workspace. If you have a SSH workspace you can do whatever you like with it (within the terms of whoever you purchase it through).

Custom Subdomains
Cloud9 does not support custom subdomains or any sort of URL options. For another reason why hosting is not reasonable on Cloud9, see our inactive workspaces doc.

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And like i have said in the previous post:

And to add on my add-on :laughing: , if you served any bots or scripts with you not being the developer, please don’t ask why you were banned here. You perfectly now why you are, and Please don’t try to lie about it, Cloud9IDE Would eventually know what you did, because they have their work-space stored somewhere in their “servers”…


Yeah…I hosted a ogarul/agario server, I am new to this cloud9 stuff. After I returned to the Cloud9 home page. A notification came up, “Your account has been banned.” I didn’t even know we were not allowed to host game servers using cloud9. Can i please get my account back?



So do we use c9 as development then DigitalOcean as out hosting?


Yes, Cloud9 is only for development, but you can use it to deploy to any servers, whether it be DigitalOcean as you suggested, or Google App Engine (integrated into Cloud9), or Heroku, or anything else.