Can I use a custom domain or CNAME to access my workspace?


Can I use a custom domain for my app preview in my workspace?

Can I use Cloud9 for hosting?
How to bind a domain

Cloud9 doesn’t do any sort of domain handling. I suppose you could setup your own URL forwarding if that’s what you’re after but there are no domain options from within Cloud9.

A lot of people want this sort of functionality because they’re looking to host their site on Cloud9. Cloud9 is for development purposes only and is not for hosting apps or files on production. Cloud9 doesn’t handle domains at all so previews will need to be referenced by the URL given.


I would guess you can setup a CNAME pointing to your workspace url to test domain specific functions.


I had the same thought but it doesn’t seem to work when I set up a CNAME record is get a “This webpage has a redirect loop” error


Is there any IP address available to point my Sub-Domain to the workspace?


Just wanted to provide a structured answer in case anyone searched for this topic:

  • It is not possible to have custom domains for your Cloud9 workspaces. The only way you can access your workspace is by opening <YourProjectName>-<YourUserName>

  • There is no way to map your domain name using CNAME records. There is no IP address that can be used to access your workspace directly.

  • We currently do not have plans to implement this feature.

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I’d like to put in a BIG VOTE for C9 adding custom CNAME domain capability so I can do something like: “” to my workspace.


I also vote for this feature. This is the only reason I don’t use c9 instead of codeanywhere, which does support this feature. Different parts of my web app are located on their own subdomain. They share the user’s session, so I need to be able to run each workspace on one of my subdomains.


Correct to the information at the top of the page


… the address listed in the main post is wrong, at least for standard c9 without SSH - the correct web address as of 4/11/2017 is the one I posted above …