Can I sync my workspace with my local environment?


I need a way to sync my files on C9 with a local folder on my computer.

I need this because I live in Senegal, Africa, and I work on an unreliable internet connection.
I also need this because I use Filezilla to upload my website on a prod server that I do not administrate, and I do not want to constantly download archives of the website I designed on C9, every time I want to push something on the prod server.

I have tried to use Dropbox, but it resulted in syncing files unrelated to my project (holiday pictures), that I was not able to delete by myself, and taking all my disk space on C9.

I am quite a beginner and I like C9 because it is simple to start with, and it helps me go forward. Is there an easy way to sync files with my local environment? What do you recommend? Thank you in advance !

Can sync with local environment?

Each developer has their own way so this is really up to you to decide which will work best (and there definitely isn’t a “best” way).

Most developers use some sort of source code/version control and these days that often means git. Here’s a guide for connecting Github or Bitbucket (both apps for git): Connected Services.

Note: Outside of these things, there is no built-in way to sync your code with your local machine.


Hey @vlarondelle,

Another new nifty way to stay synced locally with with Dropbox:

Haven’t have a need to set this up myself yet but I’m excited to try it when the need comes.