Can I say I don't like AWS Cloud9?


I feel exactly the same.

I started off with a free account in Feburary 2015, just doing some programming practice on my own. Last month I found my account blocked and after inquiry the support staff told me their sweepers find noVNC in my projects which is not allowed cuz it overburdens the server. Hey I get the point but at least give me some notice or warning on this before blocking me?? Well I was having VNC for like two years with no issue at all, but when Amazon takes over I am immediately fucked. Today another surprise : Your workspace is in Read Only Mode because your account has run out of quota for this type of workspace. So I guess it’s a similar thing with member cap -somehow they changed their policy without letting anyone know to at least have time to migrate the project somewhere else- "if you dont pay then fuck off ". Wonderful User Experience!


nobody does, it’s the f*cking capitalism at work, where money buy into your freedom and mine