Can I say I don't like AWS Cloud9?


After try aws cloud9. I don’t feel good. I think AWS cloud9 is not for developer like me. I just need a monthly “plan” package.

BTW, legacy Cloud9 will be closed next year (2018)? or after 2018?

We have to migrate to AWS Cloud9 ? We have to buy shit EC2 instance and EBS storage from AWS?


Yeah, I don’t like that I’ll eventually have to pay (about $22 a year) for AWS just to do experimental coding and use IRC at school unblocked. I used to just use a free account.

The new system certainly isn’t for everyone. It really sucks that new accounts can’t be made, and it looks like eventually non-AWS c9 is going away.

Why? Does Amazon just want to shut this down so they don’t have competition?


I think you’re getting a bit thrown off by how AWS EC2 works - you’ll be charged $0.0116/hr for a t2.micro (fine for most work) and it’ll hibernate by default after half an hour of usage (like Cloud9 free tier does currently). So you’ll be paying a lot less than the $19/month Cloud9 is currently, considering that even with multiple environments you’re likely to only be working on one at a time.

Of course, for free-tier users it won’t be cheaper, but I’m fine (as a paid user) not subsidising that. For most premium users this is likely to work out a lot cheaper :slight_smile:


I have about 30 projects(workspaces) on legacy c9 IDE cloud. If I migrate all of them to AWS cloud9. I have to cost $30-$40 per months.

1 environment on AWS cloud9 is just 1 workspace on legacy c9 IDE cloud.

SO, I think AWS cloud9 is more expensive than legacy c9 IDE cloud. Because AWS want more developers/companies to use their AWS Cloud services.


It’s definitely true that Amazon want more people using their services. If you have 30 workspaces then I’d recommend consolidating them, it’s certainly not necessary to do that and it’s wildly inefficient on resource use (likely why they changed the pricing model).

For me, with 2-3 workspaces on the go at any one time, this is massively cheaper, and it’s good to know that I’m paying for what I use (instead of subsidising other people, no matter what I use). I think most people fit more into that same boat.


Sure, but there’s no good reason Amazon should shut down the free tier of c9 just because many users aren’t using it.


There’s no announcement that they’re going to shut it down, and AWS has a Free Tier themselves :slight_smile: if you’re at school you may also be able to pick up more credits through the AWS Educate programme.


Yeah, I’m just kind of paranoid they won’t keep it running because new accounts can’t be made and all. If that does happen, I bet it isn’t all too hard to make a fake AWS account every twelve months.…


Thank you all for your feedback, it’s really useful to us at this time :-). I don’t have any specific details but just wanted to let you know that we are listening and taking your input on-board.

Thank you again for supporting Cloud9 and working with us to make it even better.


One of the issues though is the workspace size. I just upgraded to the $19 a month plan a few months ago because I needed more than the 2-5gb that you get with the free tier. You are right in that the pricing model for AWS EC2 is confusing and is throwing people off. For those that pay the monthly on legacy C9, perhaps it is cheaper. But otherwise could be more expensive.

The team I work with all use the free tier to do basic html, css, and javascript stuff, having them all go to AWS would be an increase in operating cost. What made C9 great was the ability to jump in and look at their code in real time if they were struggling or ran into an error. When new employees are hired, we will no longer have this option because no new accounts on C9. I’m exploring other options at the moment while we hold our breath on the fate of legacy C9.


This is true. I also like the unlimited SSH workspaces for free. However, I really am disappointed in two things:

  • The default workspace is Amazon Linux instead of Ubuntu. (I could roll my own EC2 server with Ubuntu but then I lose the “hibernate after half and hour” feature).
  • AWS inexplicably removed the file download feature. Right-click on a file or folder and you will see that “Download” is not an option. This makes me wonder what other features have regressed?


Your cost will go up slightly higher free. But C9 allows unlimited SSH workspaces that you can assign to your employees. I recently did this with a contractor. I created an IAM for him that only had access to C9 (no permission to spawn EC2) and let him SSH into my server via C9. No extra cost.

Your only expense will be maintaining a server your employees can use for Dev. This sever can be on AWS or somewhere else.

Still I am not happy with AWS. They have removed some features such as file download.


Time to jump ship to CodeAnywhere


You should have full access to your files through SFTP (unlike, which only granted access to files in the ~/workspace folder): . We’ll definitely take a look into this in the future as well


We’ll definitely take a look into this in the future as well

Thank you for that. A post from an Amazon employee in the AWS forum suggested that this feature was never coming back. I am glad to hear the restoring this feature is still a possibility.

I know there are workarounds with SFTP and the like, but users typically use Cloud 9 for the web interface. We don’t want to have to mess with an SFTP client on our own computer. Or maybe we are on a co-worker or friend’s computer and just want to grab a file or two for them to use locally. Download and configuring SSH and/or SFTP software is inconvenient.

You loose some of the power and benefit of using a Cloud IDE when you remove features from the web interface.

I would be happy with restricting downloads to single files (I can tar and zip multiples myself) if that makes the dev easier. I just don’t understand why an existing feature was removed.


If you’re looking at the comment I’m thinking of, we removed it from the documentation for the time being as we only want currently-accurate information there; we’ve been adding and removing quite a bit since launch in order to address use-cases that we’ve been seeing users request and to ensure all information is up-to-date.


Aaaaand the download option is back! Let us know if it’s still not working.


Awesome! Thank you for restoring this feature.


The default web server for PHP is php-built-in webserver? Not apache or nginx? I also think it’s buggy. It was easy to shut off but to restore it wasn’t that easy. I couldn’t and then I resorted to restarting the server; still, it was a no show for the webserver. (What’s up with the public IP address; it doesn’t work… just that temp long url that’s used by the preview browser). I’ve then deleted the EC2 instance to start again from scratch… if I will still care.

Here’s link from the forum that talks about this problem (proves my point):


The changes announced at the end of November were concerning. What has trumped those concerns is the unannounced changes deployed to C9 Education Accounts. A team cap of 50 members, made in the past two weeks WITHOUT any advance warning, is the final blow to my relationship with Cloud9. Anyone interested in this see: Old c9 EDU account - Cannot add more than 50 members to team

I recommend people check out and others. Cloud9 is dead to me come Fall term. Unbelievably terrible way to treat the education community. I promise to not recommend Cloud9 to any of my students and to explain this to the more than 100 of them in this current semester. I will also be taking my entire department off the service by Fall, amounting to many more lost potential C9 customers. I hope that they will not become paying customers of a service that is so tone deaf on customer relations.

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