Can I run live app demos on a free account continuously?


I have been learning Angular 2 with node and express and was hoping to launch one or two demo applications where a manager from a potential job can see a sample of my work.

I have a free account for which I am most grateful to have as a tool to learn.

My questions:

  1. Can we run apps with a free account continuously?
  2. If so how should those apps be deployed and started?
  3. If so where can we find the documentation for doing this?



To save resources and money so free accounts can be free forever, Cloud9 stops running code after a certain amount of time, but it’s the longest I’ve seen, far longer than many others I’ve heard of.

Cloud9 isn’t a hosting platform, it’s for development only. That said, there are plenty of tools to deploy to production. First, Cloud9 is basically just a server you have control of, making it very realistic to what a real server is like. If you’re asking about starting in development, just create a new Run Configuration, run it, and go to [project-name]-[username], where you can showcase your work.

If you’re looking for documentation, try here:



OK the documentation reinforces the ‘development’ usage for Cloud 9. Not a host provider.
I think that answers my question.
If I want to show a demo I’d simply set up a time for them to view then launch my app and provide them the URL.
That works for me.

Most grateful for that and I thank Cloud 9 for the development environment.