Can I run a VPN on my Cloud9 project?



I’ve got a rails app in development that needs to make API calls to a service behind my client’s firewall. When the project is complete things will be fine, because the app will be running on their server, behind their firewall itself.

In the meantime, I’m developing the app on Cloud9, and need to code against and practice these API calls to their firewall-protected service.

I have credentials to VPN in behind that firewall. Another developer on our team has successfully used Cisco AnyConnect VPN to make calls to that API, but he’s not using Cloud9.

Is it possible for me to use a VPN on Cloud9 and have my app’s requests be routed through that VPN? Some preliminary google searches for this question looked discouraging, but I wanted to ask here before I accept the sad possibility that I will have to abandon Cloud9 for this project if it doesn’t work.


You can make calls to any endpoints that you like, so you can make calls to your VPN endpoints without any problem.

If you are using Cloud9 for developing, debugging and testing software then you can also use VPN clients on your hosted workspaces. Do note that our automated abuse systems monitor VPN usage and will block your accounts if they are deemed to be being used for anything other than developing, debugging and testing software.


If the second part you said is so, could you explain why I would get this error? Because it’s not appearing I’m able to use a vpn client on Cloud9 right now:

sudo vpnc
vpnc: can’t initialise tunnel interface: Operation not permitted

Any chance you could email me if there is a flag to set in account to allow vpns to work on cloud9 accounts on a case-by-case basis? I’m just trying to develop and test. My volume will be very low and I imagine unlikely to trip any abuse system trigger.

This poster seems to be at a similar dead as me:


Unfortunately we don’t allow initialising tunnel interfaces in that manner, so vpnc won’t work there. You could always use an SSH workspace instead, perhaps connected to something like an AWS EC2 instance.