Can I run a chat/agar/Slack/Telegram bot with Cloud9?



I’ve seen tutorials online for people downloading and running bots on Cloud9. I simply followed a tutorial and my server was running fine but then I logged in today and I cannot get into my account. Why have I been blocked?

Discord GO, no bot connection

In short, no you cannot run or develop bots on Cloud9.

Cloud9 is for development of software. It is not for the hosting of websites, scripts, bots, or anything else like that. If what you’re running on Cloud9 is interacting with the general public (not just friends / coworkers / private community) it’s probably not allowed on Cloud9.

Not Allowed :thumbsdown:

  • Downloading bot scripts from the internet and running them
  • Using Cloud9 to develop, test, run, and iterate on your own bot
  • Running bots that interact with more than a small private group (game bots, public IRC bots, social media bots).

If you wish to do anything in the Not Allowed list and still use Cloud9 as your IDE we recommend you buy a VPS from a provider such as AWS, GCE or Digital Ocean and run an SSH Workspace. If you have a SSH workspace you can do whatever you’d like with it (within the terms of whoever you purchase it through).

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And to add on…

There is a reason they are banning any person who tries to download any bots or scripts or something of malicious like that… That’s because it can essentially hard Cloud9’s “servers”, and harm other peoples project like me, possibly deleting them by accident… Cloud9IDE Does not want any sort of the stuff i just talked about, in response bans people if they use bots/scripts. So Yes there is a reason.

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