Can I enable autocompletion for HTML tags in jsx code?


I am writing react.js code but there is no option for JSX (it automatically recognizes as javascript). Therefore, I do not have code completion like closing the tags. How can I specify JSX type in my file?


I need someone to help me! Is there any better idea to write react code in JSX?


Hi @wuyuanyi135,

just in case you’re still looking for an answer: ctrl + option/alt + e invokes emmet’s “expand abbreviation” command. In case of doubt, check out the keybindings in your preferences.

Hope it is what you’re looking for.



There’s the className issue though…
When expanding the abbreviation div.container should return <div className="container"></div> instead of <div class="container"></div> when writing JSX… Any idea on how to get it right? Thank you.