Can I download a lot of files to my workspace?


I hope its ok to Download My MinGW Folder to Cloud9Ide… I mean its a lot of file(6500 ish files lol), but not of disturbance right?


Not a problem. My own project is an encyclopedia and uses lot and lot of image files I uploaded on my workspace.

If it fits into the workspace HDD, you can upload the folder to your workspace if it is for development purpose (not serving these files to your friends, or running a bot with them).


Right on the money. As long as you’re not dumping files into C9 to host/serve them then you’re A ok :ok_hand:

And I also might add that even though we do have to ban people at times, we are nice and we do it to keep the platform free for as many developers as possible :slight_smile: As long as you’re doing honest development, not trying to do anything illegal or abusive, you have nothing to worry about.