C9vnc woes - help?


Hi all, I’m using cloud9 in a classroom environment, with c9vnc to support graphical projects in C++. My students and I are running into a host of difficulties with c9vnc, particularly with connecting to c9vnc via the noVNC software. I’ve managed to troubleshoot some of the problems - but one nagging problem that seems intermittent and inexplicable is that an installation that was working stops working in a particular way: the noVNC window comes up, but we just get a moving …, the noVNC connect button never shows up. Oddly, I can get to a working noVNC if I a) switch to Firefox from Chrome or b) change the URL to point to vnc_lite.html instead of vnc.html. Some of my students are finding that these workarounds no longer work, though.

I’m not much of a web/javascript developer, so I’m a bit out of my depth here, but looking in Chrome developer tools, it looks like (when I’m getting nothing but the …) the javascript has never loaded. The only .js I can see is error-handler.js and sometimes promise.js. By contrast, when I load vnc_lite.html, I see a bunch more stuff under the Sources tab. This seems relevant! But I have no idea where to go from here, either in debugging or fixing the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated - if we can’t solve these issues, I may not be able to continue using cloud9 in the classroom!