C9users.io is blocked on my network


I used cloud9 for my web design class and as a hobby. Now though my school fire wall blocks c9users.io is there a way to have my content back in the c9.io domain. Maybe even a workaround. I need cloud9.


If you don’t mind paying for a domain, you can just CNAME it to the c9users.io domain. :slight_smile: Or talk to the network admins to get it unblocked.


I have already tried talking to the admins. I will not be able to pay for a cname. Is it possible to have the option to only have one port hosted at c9.io where it isn’t blocked


You shouldn’t need to pay for a cname. if you own a domain, just point the dns of the subdomain you choose to the project subdomain or c9users.io.


c9users.io is used to differentiate Cloud9 official websites from user previews or “websites”. Whatever the reason is that your school is blocking c9users.io, if the preview URL was changed back to c9.io, they would block that as well.

You’ll need to try one of the workaround @jms1989 suggested.


Hello thanks for the replies. I actually got my teacher to see how awesome a tool cloud9 is and she talked to the admin herself. Cloud9 is eternally on the allow list. I even gave a presentation to my class on using cloud 9 today. Thx.