C9users.io is a phishing site



Hi there, i have had this issue many times and its really starting to get on my last nerve. I have looked at many forums and threads to try fix this and they never seem to help. It seems to happen randomly and when i undo what i have done and retry it still causes the error. To solve this in the past i have just messed around with things and it has sorted itself out but i have no idea why. It is saying that the proxy could not be reached and it will not let me access the site at all. Please help.


I started to have the same issue only that the antivirus blocks the phishing virus and with the virus the web page too. I scanned the pc with 3 different antivirurses but that didn’t change a thing. I tried to run cloud9 from another pc and I had the same exact probelm. I ask myself is the virus hidden in what i worked till now or somewhere else. I know i can work on Heroku but it’s more comfortable sticking with cloud9 and that’s because I’m still in the learning phase.