C9 workspaces blending together unexpectedly?




I’m running into a weird issue with one of my PHP projects. Basically, one of my C9 workspaces (https://ide.c9.io/vwbush/seco_development_with_github) is trying to access a file from another of my C9 workspaces (https://ide.c9.io/vwbush/seco_2). I have no idea what’s causing it. I deactivated the other workspace and cleared my cookies thinking maybe somehow that got mixed up, but it’s still doing it.

Since the 2nd workspace isn’t running, it just goes to the standard “no application seems to be running here” screen instead of going where I’d like it to go. Anybody had an issue like this before? It’s only happening with 1 file in my project. It also seems to be wholely a cosmetic thing, as the code within the target file are still being run correctly, but the browser redirects the the incorrect workspace afterwards.