C9 Workspace not loading


Every time I open any of my work spaces, it goes to the loading page first, then it goes to the workspace like it is going to open, but then it crashes and goes back to a messed up loading page. The only interaction I have on that page is the “You Could Be Coding Right Now” note with option to upgrade to premium.


@Drearam3 This is happening to me right now, and I’m very confused as to why, especially since your post is from a while ago, and no-one has responded. Can someone help?

EDIT: Mine is a little less derpy, and my message is “Archiving your workspace”, but when I look into the developer console as it tries to load, it shows “POST https://vfs-gce-usw-112-4.c9.io/vfs/2861397?access_token=9cdZcfF2fmRbjeYqyONB 428 (Precondition Required)” with the source workspace-php.js:46440

EDIT (Again): Just checked, I can open my other workspaces, but they load very slowly compared to the usual and syntax highlighting doesn’t work.


For anyone who encounters this problem, please just contact support@c9.io with a description of the problem, your username, and the workspace you are having trouble with, and they will restart the workspace for you to get it unstuck! Happy coding!

Ability to change the state of your workspace