C9 Workspace Crashed


I was working on an angular app and node.js server in a C9 workspace and when I recompiled and tested my code after a change there was some error in the app that caused the chrome tab of the app to lock up and become unresponsive. I had to kill the task in chrome task manager and when I tried to preview my app again I guess I still hadn’t fixed the bug so the preview tab in C9 locked up and became unresponsive. This caused my entire workspace to freeze. My workspace is now frozen every time I open it or clone it to a new workspace and open is since the state of the workspace is saved with the troublesome tab open. I haven’t been able to figure out a way to fix it so as of now all my work is gone after my most recent commit to github. Does anyone know a way to fix this?


you can open the workspace with ?reset=1 to reset the open tabs and other settings.
But cloud9 is supposed to not load the preview tab when ide is loaded, to prevent this situation.
It seems like you have found an error in that code.
Could you tell me the addres of the workspace where this happens, so that we can fix that bug?


The address is https://ide.c9.io/bheffer5/se3316_lab5