C9 with Git and Lightsail



Hello there,

I was considering setting up a development environment with Git, hosted on a VPS such as Amazon Lightsail.

If a team does development work on C9, is it possible to create a workflow integrating with GitHub/GitLab so that changes can be pushed to the Git repository, then deployed to a production VPS such as Lightsail?


Development: C9
Version Control: Hosted remotely on GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket, etc.
Production: Amazon Lightsail

I imagine users would make their changes to C9, commit changes and push to the repository, then potentially also have some sort of ability to deploy to production. Any insight helps and is greatly appreciated!


We don’t have anything built into c9.io to deploy to Production servers automatically; however, if you have any utilities that can run under Ubuntu 14.04, you should be able to install this on your workspace yourself.

If you’re looking to use AWS Cloud9, I’d recommend taking a look at AWS CodeStar. This will spin up a project that includes AWS Cloud9 (for development), AWS CodeCommit (as a repository; you can also use the built-in Github integration), AWS CodePipeline, which creates a deployment pipeline, and AWS CodeDeploy, which can deploy the code to an AWS fleet.


Thanks so much! I’ll take a look at CodeStar and see if that works with our workflow. Otherwise, knowing that I can set up a Git repository on Cloud9 and write a script to deploy it is good to know.