C9 ssl and the battle.net (blizzard) oauth2 services




I’m looking to migrate my development site from pythonanywhere to C9. One of the requirements of my project is that I need SSL support which c9 seemingly provides.

The trouble I’m running into is code that works on pythonanywhere, fails on c9. The blizzard api requires a callback url and it must be ssl for their oauth2 services to work. I’m using my project url with the proper syntax on the api site, using all the right keys for the blizzard oauth2 stuff to work (generated new keys for this c9 version) but I still get an invalid callback url when I try to authenticate from the c9 project.

Has anyone worked with django-allauth, blizzard oauth2 within c9 and made it work? I can’t find a problem with the code because I know it works at the other url.


edit: The error I get is

{‘provider’: ‘battlenet’, ‘exception’: OAuth2Error(‘Error retrieving access token: b’{“error”:“invalid_request”,“error_description”:“Internal server error”}’’,), ‘code’: ‘unknown’}