c9 site & workspace not loading


I have been having trouble with the c9.io pages not loading, with the following error message:

“This webpage is not available

This is on Chrome in Windows 7. At first it was just my workspace page intermittently over the past week or so, but now I can’t get any pages on the site to load, aside from the status page which says everything is fine.

Is anyone else having this problem?



We do not have any known issues in any regions at this time. All metrics look healthy. We’re not seeing any more drop outs than normal from our US servers. Have you checked with your internet provider that they are not having issues at this time?

If it is the homepage not loading, you can also use sites such as http://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/c9.io to check.


Thanks for the response and for looking into it. I see that site listing it as up. I have still been having some issues today although intermittently it will let me log in. I am wondering if it might somehow something with my work internet connection (firewall? etc I don’t know that much about the connections), although it is strange since the site has been working intermittently, and before the last week or so it was working great all the time. And I should mention that the remainder of the internet is working fine as well, so it’s not a general internet connection issue.