C9 Server Memory & CPU Skyrocket



I’m having trouble with my C9 workspace…

Some process keeps eating up ALL of the RAM and CPU available, and it keeps getting killed, but coming back. The server keeps nagging me to resize, but I don’t want to do that until it’s stable again.

All I see in the process list that may be responsible is a vfs-worker {"pi process eating up 72% CPU… I keep hitting my workspace memory limit and processes keep getting killed. I can’t open any folders and the terminal is almost unusable; though I was able to stop the apache2 server. After stopping the server however, the issue persists.

After several workspace restarts, the issue persists.

I really need help as fast as possible on this; I can hardly get into the workspace and I have some important work on here.

Edit - I’ve also just killed all of my bash terminals that were open and the issue still persists. I’m pretty sure it has something to do with that vfs-worker…


on which workspace do you see this?


It’s called aaron_os…

I just relaunched my browser to respond to this, and I checked on this issue, and now it’s not happening… I wonder if something messed up client-side, spamming the server with requests…?

https://aaron-os-mineandcraft12.c9.io/ is the full link to output, being an employee you know how to judge the rest from that :stuck_out_tongue: