C9 server is not loading


i can’t load my application


@maheshgr - the first thing to do is to check https://status.c9.io/ to see if there are any current known issues for your location.

Right now, there are no reports of any issues, so the next step is to try and provide the C9 devs with some useful information that can help them find and resolve your issue.

Try viewing the console in your browser to see if there are any errors being displayed. If there are, it can be useful to add them here. (On Windows, CTRL+SHIFT+i will bring up the console for Firefox and Chrome. For Internet Explorer, F12 then CTRL+2)

Also, if this is localised to one (or more) of your workspaces, providing the name of the workspace will help the devs investigate any specific issues.

Trying to provide as much information as possible will help the devs to help you,