C9 randomly freezing


I have been dealing with this issue for a while, and i can’t help but wonder, why does this happen?
What happens is the terminal freezes, i cannot save anything, and i can’t open files, as they don’t load. So i’d have to restart the whole workspace. If i try to close the tab, and re-open it, CPU usage is through the roof. When trying to refresh, it doesn’t reload in the first place. And this all happens at random times. Any help will be nice.


In the past we have seen a similar issue caused by tern library, which we are using for javascript autocompletion.
Is the code you are working on accessible on github? seeing example of the code can help us to check if that is caused by tern or not.
What errors do you see in the browser console when this happens?


I haven’t checked the browser console, I’ll need to do so later. However, the code can be found at https://github.com/Megabyte918/MultiOgar-Edited


Error: EDISCONNECT: client connection went away
at module.exports.ReliableSocket.disconnect (workspace-nodejs.js:45630)
at workspace-nodejs.js:45614
at wrapped (workspace-nodejs.js:8288)

Not to sure if that has to do with it


I also see:

Reconnecting while already connected/connecting. Abort.