C9 NPM nospc error when trying to install mongoose



This is the error I am receiving from npm after trying to install mongoose, other packages seem to work fine.


The error mentions that there’s no space left on the hard disk. You can see if this is the case by clicking on the icon in the upper-right of the IDE with the text “Memory/CPU/Disk” and verify how much disk space is left. If you are indeed out of space, you’ll need to clear some up! You might use the du-c9 command (more info) to help you identify what’s using so much. If your project is large and requires resources beyond the free tier, Premium workspaces allow you to resize the hard disk to get more space.

If your workspace is new and you are surprised by how quickly you ran out of space, keep in mind that this can sometimes happen with installs that touch a great number of files or upgrade a large number of already-installed packages like (for example) performing a sudo apt-get upgrade or similar (more info).