C9 is down in the US


Can’t open the dashboard right now.


Same here; setting up students and dashboard doesn’t load or if it does, clicking create workspace results in a 500 error. Status page isn’t reflecting this outage.


We have been seeing a fair amount of API latency today that we’re looking into; it should be mentioned on the status page. Timeouts and 500 errors have been fairly intermittent, but rest assured that we’re looking for a root cause.

We have thrown up a message regarding this on the status page as well.

Let us know if you have any questions!


FYI I just went to log into the dashboard and was hit with another 500 error. The status page isn’t reflecting these issues.


same , i cant access anything!


We had another spike in US, which we also reported on status.c9.io . It should have been resolved in about 30 min or so, so I’d recommend taking another look now if you haven’t already.


I’m trying to adopt c9 for my programming class that started last week so I’m signed up as an instructor and was going to share my environment with students.

However, since signing up, c9 has been down (or incredibly slow) A LOT. It was down during class today, which makes teaching very hard when I have to reinvent my lesson on the fly. If this is going to continue, I’ll just cancel my account and plan to not use c9 this semester.

It would be a great tool if it’s up, but I simply can’t deal with unreliable availability and problems taking 30 minutes to fix becomes a huge issue when I only have students for 50 minutes in a day (and don’t have time in class to report the problem). Is anything being done to address the inconsistency or should I expect it to continue having performance/reliability on a daily/weekly basis?


I started using could earlier this year and have had no problems. With any system there will of course be the occasional downtime, but c9 has been exceptional, in my experience, with maintaining uptime.

Use downtime as a teaching moment. Go over the pros and cons of local vs cloud based development. Walk students through setting up a local dev system. Introduce VCS systems. Do live algorithm running where students are the code. Great for oop object interactions, loops, and program flow.

I teach hs cs.


I should update my previous comment. I was having a lot of problems with c9 queries timing out and it turned out it wasn’t a problem with c9.io, it was a problem with my network. My university was blocking some traffic to c9.io. Once they lifted that block, everything has been working at normal operating speed.