C9.io and AWS Cloud9 for Education

I have been using c9.io for teachers so my students got free accounts, will the option to have free students continue?


You will still be able to invite new students to join your Education Team account! Please refer to https://c9.io/announcement_edu for more details

Hi @bryceito,
So, in my experience using the educational plan, I ended up having to create a separate “plan” for each course that I’m teaching since each plan only allows the creation of a single private repo for students to clone.

A few questions:

  • Will we still be allowed to create new educational plans? I didn’t seem like I can anymore via the c9.io interface.
  • Is it true that the cloning feature is gone in AWS version? If so, how would students be able to get access to pre-setup machines for their courses?

Could you edit this topic so that the subject is “C9.io and AWS Cloud9 for Education”? I think it would great to have a clear topic definition hopefully would draw in all interested parties rather than having this conversation (and the answers) spread out all of the place.

Thanks for your help,
Mike Dunn

Hello @bryceito,

I just saw the note on the Education Team, but it isn’t clear if we will have an education team when everything moves to AWS. I will try to ask a couple of questions that extends bigfatpanda’s questions:

  • When will the Education Team plan end?

  • If/When we move to AWS, what is the ConOps for having students access the defined development environment?

  • Will each student have to have a credit card or will their excess charges (if any) flow to my credit card?

I have been trying to go through the information, but I haven’t found any clear plan for how we transition from the current Education Team plan to something on AWS. Has your team created a brief synopsis of how this transition might occur? If so, do you have a pointer?


David Race

But how much will this cost in AWS usage?

Beyond that, it’s a nightmare to set up AWS anything. Will there be templates?

And what happens when AWS says no to an educator for an account? I doubt Udemy, Coursera, edx, OWL, Stanford Online, Harvard Online count as “education.”

Most teachers are NOT experienced admins; even fewer have AWS experience. This is going to be a nightmare.

Thank you all for your feedback, it’s really useful to us at this time :slight_smile: . I don’t have any specific details but just wanted to let you know that we are listening and taking your input on-board.

Thank you again for supporting Cloud9 and working with us to make it even better.

Hey David,

We haven’t made any announcements about ending the education team plan or details on migrating c9.io workspaces to AWS Cloud9 yet.

The only details that I can point you to at the moment are the FAQs on our announcement that mention this: We will release tools to aid migration of c9.io workspaces to AWS Cloud9.

What about dealing with the god awful interface students will have to deal with when using Cloud9 AWS? It’s clunky, counter intuitive and clearly designed for large enterprise deployment. Not at all helpful for someone just trying to write a little bit of code, and understand key principles.

I chose Cloud9 because it allowed all that.

Though I have always advocated learning real tools and workflows (instead of for-education alternatives) I have to say I have found repl.it to be the best alternative to vim or VSCode and a terminal for “a little bit of code”. It is no surprise that every school and district I have worked to consult with is also already using it—even at the college level.

There is talk of integrating GitHub at some point on repl.it. That would be nice.

And, of course, there is always the option to setup your own server and give students actual ssh access to work as professionals do in the first place.