C9 ide stopped working in my chromebook?


The ide has stopped working in my chromebook.

When i load my workspace. It spins for a while and then “Ah Snap” message is shown.

I am using Acer Chromebook 11. The model number is CB3-111.

I appreciate any help because my primary work is done with a chromebook. Thanks!

I am posting the screenshot of the error. The console shows ping error. It gives 403 forbidden error.


Ok i have found that the error occurs only for a particular workspace. This workspace is a rails project. Could it be because of the project size that this error is occurring?


Ok strangely it has started working. I closed the spinning tab of a file and then it now loads. Strange!


Hmm, strange, but glad it’s working. If this pops up again, I’d recommend closing all browser tabs and reopening this in an Incognito window with addons and userscripts deactivated.