C9 IDE does not open on one BBGW but does on the other



I recently have an issue with connecting my Beaglebone Green Wireless using on Google Chrome (Windows) to open Cloud 9. I am working on a Bluetooth project that requires two BBGW to communicate with each other. Originally, both Beaglebones could connect to C9 this way but during an upgrade using - “sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade”, one device lost connection midway through the download process. Now this device can’t open C9 and a refused to connect error occurs. I know it isn’t a firewall issue and I ran the same update and upgrade command to the other Beaglebone and it works fine. Both devices are new. Any help would be appreciated.


maybe the cloud9 erver is not started on one of the devices?
can you ssh to it and run netstat?
If the default installation of cloud9 is broken, you can try installing cloud9 sdk from https://github.com/c9/core
Also try asking on beaglebone related discussion groups, since this doesn’t seem to be an issue related to cloud9.