C9 Envornment hangs and won't load


Hi Everyone,

My c9 environment won’t seem to load, When I try to login all of my files continue to load into perpetuity. I tried restarting the application but to no avail.

Environment hangs


There is an issue and they are investigating it.


Thanks, saw that it was for the EU earlier.


It seems to be affecting all 3 major regions now, which is unfortunate because my supervisor requested I work on a project we have hosted here.

Guess I get to watch more YouTube today.


Here in the northeast USA, my workspace just came back online. There’s no official word yet on the status page, but give your workspaces a try.


Everything should be in the clear now. Thank you all so much for being patient and I’m really sorry about the issues.


Hi Guys - I still have a problem with one of my workspaces not loading


same it gets stuck loading and in console it says precondition required


Hey Brady and team, waking from hibernation is still hanging for us.


So all of my other workspaces are working fine, but the one I was working on when all of the servers crashed is still hanging.

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