C9 editor keeps deleting contents of index.html


I’m working on a shared project with a couple of other people and today it keeps deleting everything in index.html. I have tried reverting it back to a previously saved version, and it will load the reverted file for a few seconds, and then wipe the contents again. We all have tried closing the editor windows and logging out and back in again. It still keeps clearing the entire contents of the file regardless of how we try to save it.

Very frustrating. Why is it doing this?

Contents of file disappear

What workspace is this in and what is the full path to the file? I’ll take a look at the logs and figure out what’s going on. We recently discovered a bug that is probably causing this where when multiple collaborators are working on a project some collaborators would sometimes save out an old version of a file overwriting the new one. This usually happens when collaborators have bad connections and are frequently lagging or disconnecting. We’ve developed a patch for this and it’s currently in testing and should be released later this week.