C9 and Angular Tour of Heros not working after installing version 8.11.2 of NodeJs


I have executed ng serve --open. The Terminal says compiled successfully. The instructions say that the app should just open up in the browser. It doesn’t. anyone experienced this and how did you fix it?


What are you seeing when you attempt to preview this, and what IP/port are you serving the app on?


Bryce, I want to try following step by step in the tutorial again, then I can tell you exactly what I saw and provide screen shots.


Make sure you’re running through (AKA the system variables $IP and $PORT) as this is required to be picked up by the preview URL (you can also use ports 8081-8082 if you specify the port in the URL.


thank you I was wondering about that. I know I tried 4200 and 8080 already but not with the updated tutorial.