C++ Run Application for Linux



Can I create a C++ project to be used in LInux, we need to create a lib , what kind of tools you offer like Debugger, can run the application in the client computer, in other words how can I test the code


You’re best to look at c9.io for a general feature list or look at this video:

You can run an application within Cloud9 or if you Download Files to your own computer, you can run it there as well. There is a built-in debugger and I think it works with C++ but perhaps someone else could confirm since I’ve never tried it.


Thank you for the answer , I have a question when you mentioned download the files means this files created
in CLoud9 to the PC or Cloud 9 will run the file as virtual machine in my PC.


Go ahead and have a look at the document and try it out for yourself :slight_smile: But this means files you create in Cloud9 and then download to your own machine.