C/C++: Language worker could not be loaded


For about a week now all my c/c++ workspaces seem to be broken. Even if I create a completly new c/c++ workspace and run “hello-c-world.c” I receive the messages:

“Language worker could not be loaded; some language features have been disabled”.
"No application seems to be running here!".

Does anyone have the same problem or know how to fix it? It almost seems that c and c++
are not supported anymore. (I am using Firefox 45.0).


This is not related to c++. The issue is caused by a regression in firefox 45, and we are trying to find a workaround for that.
Until that is fixed please use chrome, or an older version of firefox.


It seems that autocomplete DOES NOT work in firefox. Does this have anything to do with this issue?


It is the same issue. Happens because firefox 45 stopped throwing errors when it can’t load the worker script