C++ build and debug: basic questions


Hi . I’m a newbie in C9 and trying to understand usual process in c9 for C++ development

  1. I see (and in documentation) that I can configure custom actions via xxx.run files. but there also is xxx.build file with a similar commands. how should I use xxx.build files in addition to xxx.run files?
  2. Ive generate makefile from my primary build system cmake and tried to build this via bash:make as well as from run menu. here is a question regarding misunderstanding which file from my project should be opened for correct build. looks like run command is applied to a file , not to a project. I mean that simple “make” from the runner is enough but depends of opened file this can be successful or not, e.g. it works while cpp file is opened , and unsuccessful for cmakelists.txt. I believed that runner should produce the same result, independently of what is currently opened in editor - pay an attention - I’m using not a C++ simple runner which relies on one opened cpp file but , make-based runner
  3. is there someone who could run c++ app under the debugger? I used runner from here Custom runner for whole c++ projects with library and header paths with minimal changes for build stage only, but running under gdb is not working for me :
    Remote debugging from host
    My Application
    My Application description and usage
    Child exited with status 1
    GDBserver exiting
    so I have set the breakpoint on the first line which shows usage message but it has not been stopped there.
    and yes, Show Debugger at Break” is eneabled
  4. where can I finf full list of available commands for a runners?
    5.why is gdbsrver used? why do not use gdb directly?