Builder bug. when this will be fixed?


hi team

I’ve already wrote about that, there is a builder with a file like this:
“script” : [
“cmake … -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug”,
“make algolist”
“info” : “Building $project_name with CMake”,
“selector” : “source.c++”,
“env” : {},
“working_dir” : “$project_path/algolist/build”

if I’m using valid variable $project_name it hangs,
so I have to use something else to keep builder workable.

and additional quesiton - you know makefile can (and does , in my case) contain more than one configuration,
so I have to create a lot of builders to cover all requirements.

  1. core app
  2. unit testing
  3. doxygen documentation build
  4. additional libs
    and each one (excluding doc) can be built as Debug, Release and some specific settings (profiling) in my case.

I don’t see other alternatives as only use huge count of separated builders.
could you add more useable way to configure the build for c++ apps?


There was an error with runners without variables could you try adding "echo $args", at the beginning of the script to test if that’s the issue you are seeing.

could you add more useable way to configure the build for c++ apps?

Could you describe how are you normally running this build configurations?
Do you want one builder that will take as a parameter which target to build.


insert this command into the script part of builder config but nothing showed.
just for sure:
if I’m inserting $project - you know there is no variable with that name , it’s mistake, then it works with a message “as-is”
"Building $project with CMake "

if I’m replacing $project with $project_name or any constant string like my real project name - build process hangs.

second question ::first of all thank you that you guys splitted build and run on different configs, probably for a scripting it’s not important but for heavy languages like c++ not each build call should also call the runing process.
so you can look at e.g. CLion offline IDE, which parse cmake or makefile to get all available targets and adds somewhere in GUI a dropdown to provide a user with an ability to select which configuration should currently be ran/build

so normally I’m selecting a builder from the menu and press Ctrl+B, all my builders have an only difference in configuration name . so I 'd like to have an only one builder and ability to parameterize this with two parameters configuration name (e.g. my_app, docs, tests, etc) and type of the build: debug, release, probably something else.