browserSync elixir in laravel skips opened assigned port


Hi, Ive installed laravel and setup elixir’s broserSync, including the ports.conf to 8082 and the site-enabled/available to the same port, and specified root. Problem is, when running browserSync, the assigned port skips to 8083… And the same will occur if port 8081 is open; skipping to 8082(being closed).


hi, my code is worked :slight_smile:
If you use BrowserSync with team, you can set environment variables

    proxy: 'localhost:8080', //
    port: 8081, // (BrowserSync URL)
    // If you need Sync Setting Screen.
    ui: {
        port: 8082

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In the final case of me

// browserSync
// export SYNC_PROXY=localhost:8080  app url
// export SYNC_PORT=8081                    browserSync use port
// export SYNC_UI_PORT=8082               browserSync setting port
// export SYNC_RELOADDELAY=0          reloadDelay
// usual
// BrowserSync
// BrowserSync setting screen
if (typeof process.env.SYNC_PROXY !== "undefined" && typeof process.env.SYNC_PORT !== "undefined" && typeof process.env.SYNC_UI_PORT !== "undefined") {
        files: [
        proxy: process.env.SYNC_PROXY,
        port: Number(process.env.SYNC_PORT),
        ui: {
            port: Number(process.env.SYNC_UI_PORT)
        reloadOnRestart: true,
        reloadDelay: Number(process.env.SYNC_RELOADDELAY || 0)

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