Browsers' full-screen shortcut F11 doesn't work when Cloud9 IDE is open



I like to work with Cloud9 in maximized full-screen mode. In order to do that, I simply maximize the internet browser’s window. The problem is that when I have my Cloud9 open, browsers’ shortcut for full-screen (usually F11) does not work (I tried with both Firefox and Chrome). So, I have to click in another non-Cloud9 tab (or open an empty new tab), hit F11 and then manually cycle back to the Cloud9 IDE tab.

It seems that the correct behavior for the Cloud9 IDE would be to not block the browsers’ full-screen shortcut, therefore I tag this as a bug. If my assumption is not correct, then this could be a feature request.


Browser-tab-switching shortcuts don't work when terminal tab has focus in full-screen mode

I’m not sure, but I think my issue with [Browser-tab-switching shortcuts don’t work when terminal tab has focus in full-screen mode] may be related to this one.