Browser-sync results in 503 service unavailable


I’m attempting to set up a gulp task with browser-sync using this tutorial: .

Unfortunately, it results in a 503 service unavailable error when loading my page:

var gulp = require('gulp');

var browserSync = require('browser-sync');

gulp.task('sync', function() {
		files: './dist/index.html, .dist/css/*.css, .dist/js/*.js',
		port: 8081,
		https: true

gulp.task('default', ['sync']);

Any pointers/tips would be greatly appreciated.


Also getting this, no idea why. The problem didn’t occur until I opened the page using HTTPS (I had been using HTTP, and it worked fine), and even when I switch back to the HTTP version, it still does not work. Opening the page that returns the 503, it says ECONNRESET, the request could not be proxied. Does this have something to do with Browsersync using incorrect certificates, as has been my experience with HTTPS on Cloud9?


I’ve been struggling with a similar issue. Gulp and Browsersync although I’m not sure sure the problem is SSL or rather browser-sync binds to localhost rather than This is a change in browser-sync to make it work more consistently on windows server I think.

Anyone have a working version of browser-sync, could you tell me the version of browser-sync please?