Breakpoints and Pry and Byebug not working to stop app



I can’t get my app to stop so I can debug. I’ve tried Pry Byebug and even the breakpoints in Clou9 itself. and nothing works. The breakpoints don’t work at all.

Pry and byebug will stop the code from running, but then I can’t actually use the terminal that the code stops in. Meaning I can try and type something but it only receives maybe each third letter that I type.

Super frustrating and no idea why it’s not working.

It seems like its this particular workspace… I can use pry in other workspaces just fine.

Any help?



Hey Todd,

Can you try cloning the workspace and trying again in the new one?



After a couple weeks of limping along I finally found a solution… now I use the pry-remote gem… It works fine… a step or two more than the normal pry gem, but it works, so I’m happy. Hope this can help someone else.