Bot answering support emails instead of a person



I’ve been using c9 for the second year to teach a class in the Jerusalem College Of Technology. My class is quite popular and i have over a one hundred students. It worked like a charm until this March, when suddenly a 50 students limit was imposed on educational teams. This caused me a lot of troubles and I sent a mail to support. After sometime I got a mail from Bryce from Cloud9‏
The mail told me that they are working for a fix to the problem. I’ve waited for a month and asked again - got EXACTLY the same answer from the same Bryce. So I waited for anther month and asked again - got EXACTLY the same mail again. All this looks very bot-ty to me.

Has anyone else experienced this? I would expect from Amazon to improve the service and not turn it into a joke.

And maybe, maybe, there is someone listening here who can help with th 50 students limit?



I received the same answer, and the only way around it was to purchase another education team for another 50 students.


We’re still looking into the issue. We’ll let you know when a resolution is found.