Blocked account, no reason given


I own a lot of repos on c9, most of them being copies (I’m paranoid for data loss) and some simple node.js tests. I work on an open-source project called Ogar. It’s a game server, and I do host sometimes a server for myself for long periods (about 20-30 minutes) to test its speed after I make some changes.

The last thing I was doing was continously debugging a piece of code on a temporary repo which just didn’t want to work. Wanted to save a file, and the message pops up telling me I can’t save the file because my account is blocked.

Any help appreciated.

edit: I’m connecting via Github. My name there is the same, Luka967.


It is not allowed to use cloud9 for running game servers or bots, see Can I use Cloud9 for hosting? or [DEVS ONLY] Banned?, but if you are using the server only for development please write to asking to unblock the account.